Salt & Light

As I sat in my office on Wednesday afternoon, I detected the whirrr of bicycle wheels behind me beyond the open window. Often I don’t bother with that, happy that children feel safe to skate or cycle around our church building. Church property should be seen as a safe community space, a haven of enjoyment. But this time I rushed outside to catch them. I put on my friendliest face, imagining the fright they may feel at a strange man rushing to them.
It’s that simple. You don’t need to have a relationship to reach out to anyone and say, “Hi! Are you from around here? Have you heard about the party?” The boys soon relaxed and left happily with a bunch of pamphlets to share with their friends. It’s that simple – just have your senses tuned to the people passing by. Every soul is significant to Christ.
Please pray for this children’s event, that we make significant inroads to the unchurched in our neighbourhood. They need it!