Our committed Servants

Meet the very ordinary, yet very special people that serve us here at KBC.

For a description of how elders and deacons actually differ, click here.


Matthew Hobbs
Jemaine Cupido: “I feel a sense of fulfillment in serving the saints. I’m at my best when I play the piano in church, and sing to the Lord. My desire is to help equip the church here at KBC. Daily, I serve the public in ensuring Electricity to all in Plettenberg Bay and at my home, I love serving my wife and children and spending time with them. I am really blessed to have been called by God to be part of something great! I also love a good cup of coffee any time of day!”
Mark Matejek: “My role is to serve.  I will serve my Lord by serving His people in whatever manner He deems right.  I have had the privilege of leading Bible Study, preaching and assisting the leadership in its functions.  I have grown tremendously in these challenges and it is my hope to continue in these roles”


Mel Colyn: “As a member of Knysna Baptist Church, I know that I am one of the family of members and as such, a child of Christ and will always try to help and direct those in need of assistance, physically or spiritually wherever I can.”
Maureen Cunningham: “My joy in life is sharing my love of Jesus with others through hospitality, visitation and music. Connecting, praying with, and helping others, especially the elderly, is a great blessing to me.”
Margi Dane: “My enjoyment of being involved in catering and my love for people He places in my path makes me want to love and to minister to folk in any way that He leads me. Indeed, I am willing to wash the feet of  “the whosoever” for His Kingdom!”
Alan White: “My passion is to serve the local church. I love to be involved in Visiting shut in folk, Coordinating church resources, Overseeing the Hospital Ministry, Maintaining and upgrading our property, Assisting visitors to feel welcome, and always, Singing!”
Estelle Colyn: “I have passion to share my love for the Lord and be a good example to others, aware of my responsibility as a child of God. I desire to be a helper and worker for the Lord in any way possible.” Estelle also assists with catering and event planning.
Charlotte Cameron: “I love being involved in administration, hospitality and friendship, and am passionate to see others saved.” Charlotte is responsible for our Administration (rosters, contact lists etc), Publishing and graphics, and anything else she can help with.

She also makes an excellent PA for Alan!

Angelique Knock:
Mike Dane: