Pray for Rain

Knysna residents are acutely aware of the present drought and the devastation and despair it can bring. This past weekend we had the privilege of praying for rain with other Christians from the community, that the Lord of Creation and Grace would spare us. 

Theri and Jacques of Red Barn are one family of many who have seen dams and reservoirs run dry. On Sunday they requested Christians to come and pray with them at their farm in Rheenendal. It was a simple and honest time before the Lord, knowing that only by the sacrifice of Jesus have we got access to the throne of God- and we pleaded with Him on their behalf. Jesus Christ is Sovereign and He is Good, and for this reason we prayed with confidence.
Knysna Baptist also managed to donate 5kl of water, delivered to their farm by the municipality. We are grateful that when one part of the body lacks, another part can supply its need.
Please continue to pray not only for rain, but the people who are so affected by the drought.