Here is another Puritan Prayer to meditate upon as you prepare for worship today.


Heavenly Father


Give us a deeper trust,

that we may lose ourselves –

to find ourselves in you,

the ground of our rest, the spring of our being.

Give us a deeper knowledge of yourself as

Saviour, Master, Lord, and King.

Give us deeper power in private prayer,

more sweetness in your Word,

a more steadfast grip on its truth.

Give us deeper holiness in speech, thought, and action;

and let us not seek moral virtue apart from you.

We have no master but you,

no law but your will, no delight but yourself,

no wealth but that which you give,

no good but that which you bless,

no peace but that which you bestow. We are nothing apart from what you make us.

We have nothing apart from what we receive from you.

We can be nothing apart from your grace

which adorns us.

Quarry us deep, dear Lord,

and then fill us to the point that we overflow

with living water.