Here is another Puritan Prayer to meditate upon as you prepare for worship today.

Heavenly Father,
You have searched us and understood;
You know when we stand up or sit down,
You understand our thoughts from afar,
You scrutinize our journeys and our times of rest,
Nothing of ours is hidden from You.

But who has known your mind?
Transform our hearts,
Renew our thoughts,
For they have become too conformed to the pattern of this world.
And as the natural mind cannot understand spiritual things,
Our worldliness has blinded us from understanding You.

Yet in our ignorance we give You thanks,
For You have given us the mind of Christ!
You have indwelt us with your Spirit,
That we may know the things which come not from human wisdom,
But which are taught by You alone.

Through the true knowledge of your Son,
You have given us the ability to understand spiritual things.
By knowing Him,
We have everything pertaining to life and godliness.
Father, teach us, that we may know and approve of your will,
change us – that we may desire that which is good, acceptable and perfect.