Christianity in Action – Masks for Knysna Provincial

Recent information on the effectiveness of everybody wearing a face mask to prevent a spread of the “Corona Virus”, has come out of Czechoslovakia where the incidence of the disease is very low. Those at Knysna Provincial Hospital who are ensconced for other ailments are at higher risk than you or I who can self isolate at home, so Alan White decided to try to help them by having masks made. 
Charlotte Cameron provided the pattern, Lapland and The Linen Shop in Market street both agreed to donate material and tie-on ribbon for the project and Chipo Bags who lives in the township and Greg Mountjoy, expert kite maker, agreed to provide the necessary sewing skills at a very reduced prices
Thus as of today, some 160 hand made masks have been made and delivered to the hospital for which they are very grateful. 
We can all make a difference to the world around us by simply using our God given gifts without counting the cost…..
He will supply all our needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.”
We just need to step out in faith.