Welcome – 4 August 2019

Behold, the Bridegroom cometh! (Matt 25:6)

Betrothal is a thrilling event, but it’s only the curtain-raiser for the Wedding Day. My Curtain Raiser: I yielded to Jesus humbly and unreservedly in July 1970, astonished that this putrid, fleshly apology for a human being could be welcomed by Him. Us Brides-To-Be are now waiting for the glad call – eager to be found ready, but apt to distraction. Visiting our sacred covenant in Scripture, worshipping gladly, praying earnestly, ministering thankfully and witnessing faithfully keeps our lamps topped up – But sorrow and distraction are always near. It helps not to be a “Lone” Bride!

Praise God that His strength was always there when we look back – and for our mutual encouragement, especially each Sunday.