Welcome – 25 February 2018

The Unity of the God-Smitten

“These have been in the Presence and will never be the same again. They know a holy reverence, a wondrous sense of sacredness that rises at times to transports of delight. Their garments smell of myrrh and aloes and cassia, a gift from their Bridegroom and King who came walking out of the Ivory Palaces, trailing clouds of glory, to win them for Himself.

“These hail each other across the oceans and down the years. Over the barriers set up in ignorance by stubborn men to separate the children of God, they leap to clasp each other’s hands and share together the feast of holy bread and wine.” – AW Tozer

Drink deeply of the wine of Christ’s overflowing love as we worship Him today. And if you are not yet smitten, keep seeking!