Welcome – 13 May 2018


Four supernatural events have kept humanity from self-destructing. We celebrate them on Christmas, Good Friday, Easter, and Ascension Day. We celebrate Christ’s birth, when God became flesh; the cross, when sin’s penalty was paid; and the resurrection, when the power of death was broken. But what about His ascension? Why is it so important? Jesus’ return to His Father affected the lives of everyone, believers and unbelievers alike. After returning to heaven, He sent the Holy Spirit, to show people their need for a Saviour, to be their helper and teacher. Had Christ remained on this earth following His resurrection, His continuing ministry would have been limited. He would not have accomplished what He is presently doing through the Holy Spirit. Ascension Day reminds us that our exalted Lord is not only continuing His ministry for us as our Great High Priest and Advocate, but through the Spirit He is calling sinners to Himself.