The self-deception of “outward christianity” (Romans 2:25-29)

Matthew Hobbs, April 10, 2022
Part of the The Book of Romans series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

There are "christians" who are christians outwardly and there are Christians who are Christians inwardly. One is a true Christian the other is a lie. Our challenge this morning is to confront the heart and find out, are we merely christian outwardly? Or are we truly Christian inwardly because of the work of the Holy Spirit in our hearts?


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Romans 2:25–29 (Listen)

25 For circumcision indeed is of value if you obey the law, but if you break the law, your circumcision becomes uncircumcision. 26 So, if a man who is uncircumcised keeps the precepts of the law, will not his uncircumcision be regarded as circumcision? 27 Then he who is physically uncircumcised but keeps the law will condemn you who have the written code and circumcision but break the law. 28 For no one is a Jew who is merely one outwardly, nor is circumcision outward and physical. 29 But a Jew is one inwardly, and circumcision is a matter of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the letter. His praise is not from man but from God.


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