The Cosmic Significance of Pentecost ( Acts 1:1-11, Acts 2:1-2)

Errol Wagner, July 15, 2018
Part of the _ various topical series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

In John's record of the upper room discourse our Lord specifically stated that the Holy Spirit would not come until he had been glorified. Yet we know that the Holy Spirit was at work in Creation, in Prophecy and also in the lives of OT believers. So, do we reconcile this with what Jesus stated? The question is, in what way was the Holy Spirit's work different from Pentecost on when compared with the OT?

The answer to this question has huge implications for the way in which we understand the unique work of the Spirit in the Last Days. It is because, as a whole, Christians have not understood the unique work of the Spirit in these days, that His work has been individualised, personalized or 'charismatilized'.

In this message we explore the universal significance of the work of the Spirit in the context of the outworking of God's plan of redemption.


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