7 August: Pastors’ Conference. Light that Pierces the Shadows



P a s t o r s  C o n f e r e n c e   2 0 1 4

T h u r s d a y   7   A u g u s t ,   8 h 3 0   t o   1 3 h 0 0

Piercing the Darkness words cropped

Registration for the conference is FREE but essential for catering purposes.
We must receive your registration before Monday 28 July for catering purposes.


Register via one of the following options:

  • Online: www.knysnabaptist.org.za (click the button > > )
  • SMS: “Conference” with your Name, Surname and Church to 083 548 8660
  • Phone: Estelle Colyn, 083 548 8660


Program Information

Session 1:

Partners of Light

Essentials when partnering with other churches in evangelism
When, how, and why should we partner with other Christians in evangelism?

Session 2:

Cultures of Light

Navigating cross-cultural evangelism partnerships
Black, Coloured, White: we’re all so different! How do we encourage effective, efficient, sustainable partnerships across the culture and race lines? What do the whites, coloureds and blacks need to know about each other?

Session 3:

The Shadows that Threaten

Identifying contemporary battles to be fought
What are the present enemies of effective evangelistic partnerships: shallowness, syncretism, illiteracy, elitism, universalism, liberalism, evolution, Islam, prosperity preaching, contempt and more.


08:30    Registration
09:00    Call to Worship
09:30    Session 1: Partners of Light
10:15    Tea, Book table
10:40    Session 2: Cultures of Light
11:40    Session 3: The Shadows that Threaten
12:30    Lunch

More about Stephen

Stephen LunguStephen Lungu has been travelling the globe for Africa Enterprise since he was appointed CEO of their International wing. He is well known in Australia, UK, USA, Canada, Germany, France, Belgium, and has had major impact in Africa, where he has engaged commonly with leadership of these nations. His missions include: Liberia, Ethiopia, Egypt, Burundi, DRC and Zimbabwe, often engaging in peace-making with rebel groups.

He is now serving in South Africa since his recent retirement as CEO.
Stephen and his wife, Rachel, are involved in rescuing women from prostitution in Malawi and giving them a trade in dressmaking. They have 5 children: Agnes, James, Faith, Samuel, Esther

Book Table

Please bring cash if you would like to make use of the book table. A selection of Christian and pastoral books will be on sale at good prices. Stephen’s autobiography, “Out of the Black Shadows” and “From a Street Kid” will be on sale too.