What do Elders and Deacons do?


What does an elder do? He:

  1. Shepherds the flock
  2. Directs the affairs of the church

It is important to understand that there may be one “main” preaching elder (normally called ‘the pastor’), but all the elders are equally shepherds over the flock, and leaders of the church.

He Shepherds the Flock

When Judgement day comes, the elders will stand before Christ to give an account for how they have led and protected their local churches. Ultimately  they stand accountable for the soul-care of the believers under their authority.

He Oversees the Affairs of the Church under the Authority of Christ

They ensure that everything in Knysna Baptist supports Christ’s Kingdom – including how we grow in our faith, how we relate to one another, how we spend money in the church, how we structure our worship, what we teach, and what the vision for Knysna Baptist is.


Deacons are exemplary servants! They help by FACILITATING THE SMOOTH FUNCTIONING OF THE CHURCH. A church is filled with people doing various ministries. Deacons enable every ministry to run well, by

  • Doing regular church Admin and
  • Coordinating our facilities, equipment and money which our ministries need