Indaba Invite

Your Presence is Requested!

There’s something very special about a formal personal invitation, especially when it begins, “Your presence is requested…”.
It feels royal, and you feel significant.

Such is God’s invitation to the Church:

Your Presence in the World is Requested!

See you at the Indaba!
The organising committee for the Indaba has been working around the clock to make it as effective and enjoyable as possible.
Your presence is Requested! 

Saturday 15 August AND Saturday 22 August
13:30 to 17:00 at the Church
Supper included

What is the Indaba about?
It’s all about giving our gospel ministry

PRESENCE in our neighbourhood,
and making sure that
the neighbourhood finds us ACCESSIBLE. 
Every forum in the Indaba will ask the question: “How can this ministry better support the Presence and Accessibility of Christ’s Gospel in this neighbourhood?”
The Living God, through His Son Jesus Christ, has requested our presence in this world, and that is what we aim to improve through the Indaba.
Possible Forums include:
(not restricted to these. And only those which receive sufficient subscription will take place)

  • Prayer (towards increasing Saltiness and Light!)
  • Children’s ministry
  • Teenagers’ ministry
  • Young adults’ ministry
  • Seniors’ ministry
  • Sunday worship (including worship culture, Bible Translations, Music, Leading, Sound Desk)
  • Evangelising Non believers
  • Discipling New believers
  • Family/ Social events
  • Caring inside the church
  • Caring outside the church
  • Counselling (incl outside the church)
  • Sunday Service (welcoming experience of new comers, from arrival to departure)
  • Computers and Internet, social media
  • Church Partnership
  • Addressing national issues
  • Publishing, bulletins
  • Advertising, signage, promotion
  • Art, Décor, Design, aesthetics
  • Administration / secretarial

PS. It may be noticeable that “Missions” is not on this list. The reason is that the entire Indaba is about Local Mission. As far as Foreign MIssion goes, we are planning to have a missions weekend at the end of September!

Which Forum will you attend?
Do I need to be there?

Yes! Most definitely.

If Paul was right in Ephesians 4 and 1 Corinthians 12, then every part of His Body is necessary for His work.

If the Holy Spirit lives within you, you are Significant in His Royal work!

What will my involvement be?

You will choose one or more ministry forums to attend in that week, to listen and to share your own insight.

But I’m not qualified!

Don’t worry if you doubt your ability or gifting. What we need is people coming together under the Spirit’s guidance to seek how to improve how we impact our community. If you have a passion, or insight you feel needs to be shared, you are qualified, even if you can’t do the ministry yourself!

Breaking News!

There will be opportunity, Lord willing, for individuals to participate in a personality profiling exercise. If you want to understand what kind of role you are naturally suited to in the Body, make sure you don’t miss out!