– Welcome 1 September 2018

Believers’ baptism means (a) determined rejection of, and enmity to, the World, the Flesh and the Devil – and (b) and acceptance of, and loyalty to, Jesus Christ, our only Hope for life, meaning and joy, both in this world and the next.

Text from a mother to her 20 year old son:

“Matters of life are Faith: faith that your pilot is competent, faith that the doctor who injects you knows what he’s doing, faith that what they say is on the packet actually is what you’re eating.

Life is about who you are going to believe.

Life is about truth. Truth exists. People just differ on what the truth is.

I believe in Jesus. You work out what you believe.

I’m speaking to Him about you.

Welcome to our celebration of Ultimate Truth: Jesus is Trustworthy!