BU Assembly, Day 2

The second day of the assembly was very productive particularly through 2 very engaging events. One of these was actually not on the official program, but 8 of us pastors, of similar age and theological leaning, joined for coffee to discuss ministry and theology. A very edifying time ensued, debating the line between needed social upliftment and preventing a purely social gospel. Questions such as "Are the great commission, and the great commandments equal?" were addressed. 

The other very edifying session was a sermon delivered by a representative of the Baptist Union in Zimbabwe, who incidentally was standing in, last-minute, for the planned speaker. For someone who had little time to prepare, it was a remarkable delivery. He preached James 1, on the inseparable link between hearing God's word, and putting it into practice. These sermons should become available on the BU website at some stage.

I also share some morning devotion points that stuck with me:

Be cause we are made in the Image of God, we are relational beings. Those relationships are with God, self, others, and creation. When those relationships are not operating in His image, we reap poverty.

  • In relation to God: Lack of Spiritual Intimacy
  • In relation to self: Having a God complex
  • In relation to Others: Oppression
  • In relation to Creation: Materialism