A C T 2016 Day 1

Today saw the opening of the Annual Get-Together for the Christ Seminary Alumni. What makes this year special is that we celebrate 20 years of their existence. For this reason, the Seminary staff went out of their way to treat the pastors and their wives as a way of encouraging them; letting them know that they are not alone – graduating from seminary doesn’t leave them disconnected and lost.

They outdid themselves, and the Lord graciously provided beyond expectation. The venue is Protea Hotel The Ranch in Polokwane. 2 weeks ago the planned accommodation become unavailable, but what was thought to be a disaster resulted in the organisers finding this gem, which normally would’ve been at double the cost.

The program is simple (messages, meals, and respite) as is the goal: to bless the pastors. And truly it has been.

Long lost class mates reunited and caught up. Lecturers received us with gladness.

The guest speaker is Anthony Kidd, senior pastor at Community of Faith Bible Church in LA, USA. He is a humble and passionate man, and preaches the Word accurately but simply. The 2 messages from the Day 1 were, “The Man God Uses” from Isaiah 6 and “The Word God Uses” from Psalm 19. Both messages were great encouragement to be Christ centered and Word based. Some notes from the sessions can be found here: Session 1, Session 2

As a generous surprise, every attending graduate received a Christ Seminary polar fleece jacket.

Photo’s Here